► Replacement of roofs – design, repair and construction of wooden structures, insulation, roof covering application.

►Restauration of roofs – repair, waterproofing, washing, priming and painting.

►Installation of drainage systems, wind boxes and snow barriers.

►Renovation of facade – repair, washing, priming and painting.

►Waterproofing works – waterproofing for concrete roofs, terraces, balconies, pools, garages, basements, etc.

►Dry and wet sandblasting – abrasive cleaning and restoration of the surface of various materials. With sandblasting, it is possible to clean metal, stone and wood surfaces from rust, old paint, dust and other sediments.

►Plumber services – assembly and repair of water supply systems, installation of plumbing and household appliances.

►Installation, repair and adjustment of heating systems. Installation and replacement of heating radiators, towel dryers.

►Services of a certified electrician.

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